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Week 7 Hybrid Composition

Opening Credit Raw

I got difficulties in applying Particle Background effect.


Week 6 Hybrid Composition

Trial: Character Animation

Week 5 Hybrid Composition

Trial: Bouncing Burger 2

LipSync Trial

Week 4 Hybrid Compositing

Trial: Bouncing Rice

Rice Characters

Week 3 Hybrid Compositing

Trial: Bouncing Burger


Burger Characters

Week 2 Hybrid Compositing

Trial: Bouncing Coffee


Coffee Character

Week 1 Hybrid Compositing

Project Summary

  1. Title: Pleonastic
  2. Genre: Real-Life Animation
  3. Concept: The practice of capitalism as daily habit of bourgeoisie on consuming food
  4. Story Background:
    • CulturalMom said rice would cry and would shed tears if not eaten up
    • Economic – Social gap between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat
    • Social – Appreciating the food & respecting the older.
  5. Story:
    • Exposition – A young girl, named Laura, comes from wealthy family, less appreciates the food and has a habit of wasting food.
    • Rising Action – She has been told and warned not to throw food by her mother and a shabby scavenger. Otherwise, something bad will happen.
    • Conflict – She is haunted by the guilty, starting to hallucinate the living foods: burger, rice, and coffee.
    • Falling Action – She realizes her fault during her hardships
    • Resolution – She respects the food, the people and her life
  6. Actress:
    • Fara Umainah as Laura
    • Aisha Noor as Mika
    • Hillandra as The Scavenger
    • Rahmadia Putri as Laura’s Mom
  7. Purpose:
    • Encourage people to respect the food
    • Criticize the practice of capitalism
    • Increase the social awareness
    • Entertain the audience
  8. Job Division:
    • Pre-Production: Concept, Storyline & Storyboard (Sifa&Rahma), Character Design (Sifa), Background Design (Rahma)
    • Production: Shooting & Animating (Sifa&Rahma)
    • Post-Production: Editing (Sifa&Rahma)

Project Timeline

Click here to download the timeline

Project Storyline

Click here to download the storyline

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