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Know More about Visual Communication Design



What is Art ?

What is Design?

Art is the expression of human emotional, generally in a visual form. Art is divided in to roots. They are Fine Art and Applied Art.

 Design is an applied art which is integrated within technology. It is a concept in creating something as system, component and structure. Design as a draft of planning is conveyed with the aim of giving aesthetic value, conveyed in communication, persuasion, philosophy and expected for reciprocity.

Design Disciplines

Design is not standing alone like fine art. It is applied in many fields, such as engineering, industrial, business, etc. There are some of design disciplines, they are: architecture, communication design, engineering design, fashion design, game design, graphic design, interior design, visual design, and web design.

Visual Communication Design

Visual communication design is a term used as depiction for the processing of media in communicating ideas about the disclosure or delivery of information that can be read or seen. It is closely related to the use of drawing, signs, symbol, typography, illustrations and color.


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