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Week 2 Video Diaries & Moving Images

Comparing Hollywood Movie and Indonesia Movie

Different region, different culture, and different life have its own different story. Likely narrative concepts consisted in Hollywood movie and Indonesian Movie. They have sharply different way in telling the story; crating the movie. As people may distinguish them by watching the movie either in movie or in home, the sensation given by Hollywood and Indonesian movie will be different. There are certain aspect used to compare these two types of movie, those are the narrative elements in pre-production, technique used in production, and editing in post-production.

The first tool to contrast the Hollywood movie and Indonesia movie is the narrative elements. In the Hollywood movie, the story told in linear structure, where beginning-middle-end construct the entire story. There might (not) be multiple sub-stories and multiple protagonists, and main story shared by multiple characters, but it still will go into one last end. The genre in Hollywood movie is vary covered thriller, action, adventure, science fiction, etc; so people satisfied with the choices of story. Observing narrative elements in Indonesian movie, it will be circle structure; beginning-middle-end into new sub story started by a new beginning-middle-end. The story consists of multiple main stories which make the story longer, fully developed, and flowing around. Mostly, the genre is romance, legend, slice of life and comedy, where these genres are all the common issue in Indonesia society.

Next, people may compare Hollywood movie and Indonesia movie by its production elements. Point of view becomes main factor in using shooting technique. In Hollywood movie, the camera will be set in vary position based on the scene, in screenplay-looks-real. As Hollywood movie, Indonesia movie exactly has the way in shoot for different action. Somehow, in the screenplay, sometimes, it is not as real as it should be.

The post-production as the last measurement gives big distinction between Hollywood movie and Indonesia movie. In Hollywood movie, with many story packed in action genre, the using of visual effect more than the implement of visual effect in Indonesia movie. Though, the editing matched with the need of narrative, the quality at some point does not reach the expectation.

In the nut shell, Hollywood movie and Indonesia movie are different in three aspects. Those three are: the way of movie told in which the elements of narrative build the story, in type of structure; the way action capture, where the point of view and scene determine the camera and shoot taking position; and the editing process enclosed the visual effect to make the movie perfect.



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