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Week 1 Intro to Online Publishing


Online Publishing: Pond’s & Facebook


Today, every people get used to technology. Nine from ten people are having their gadget, including phone, pc, tablet, etc. They can easily connected to the virtual world, connected to another person in different spatial, at the certain time. Even, teenagers get acquaintances with social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, Instagram, Path and many more in the early age. They prefer to see any news in these social media, or in news online such as, Liputan6, Kompasiana, etc. No doubt, this day is the age of information. Audience intention from printing media changed over to online media. This situation is used by many companies to promote their product and service: on-line advertisement. As Pond’s advertise its product in Facebook page. There are three key points why do Pond’s choose to advertise their product as online publishing, those are: fulfilling the marketing orientation and segmentation, efficiency of technical issue, and easier the reviewing.

Marketing is the basic components of a business. Pond’s has been promoting the products by online because it recognizes the benefit of it. They can reach wider audience. In Facebook, the account mostly operated and owned by teenagers, Pond’s market segmentation. By putting the advertisement in Facebook page or make it as the post or status, it will be seen by the right target of audience, teenager. It will be more interesting and slightly easy to be read.

The second reason is preventing and overcoming the technical issue related to the advertisement published in media. Reader capabilities become factor in making the visual of advertisement. If the text and the composition of the advertisement are too long and boring, people will just ignore it. Pond’s considered this as the time spared by audience to just look at advertisements. In other case, if there is miss-typing, the editing will easily be done efficiently, since it is online publishing.

Publish the advertisement online easier the company to get feedback from the audience. In Facebook, there is ‘comment’ where people may give input, criticize the advertisement content, and like or unlike it. This respond can be used by company as the database in the way to improving the advertising system. They may be more concern on the visual writing and images.

To conclude, Pond’s is utilizing the online publishing in way to reach its goal in marketing; attract the audience, maintain the content and the quality of the advertisement, and get respond as the reflection from the audience. So, online publishing such as making advertisement in Facebook is really beneficial.



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