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Week 2 Intro to Online Publishing

Published Materials Analysis


Nowadays people live in information era, where everything supposed to be in the ‘cloud’. People can easily communicate, get information and do the interaction virtually in internet. Students become subject of this age. E-learning applied in the learning system integrated with the real class. They may get their research paper resources from internet such as Jstor, Proquest, Ebrary, etc. Somehow, having textbook is still being important. Having printing visual language in the bookshelf or on the table is being absolute habit. It shows that printing media such as textbook, journal, literature book, and/or newspaper are exist and in for a long time. Though people still choose the published materials, the interests of reader slowly decreased. The solution needed in way to make the ‘boring’ get away from the ‘book’. Essentially, the cover will be the first judgment from the audience. The good layout may give good perception from them. In this case, writer and designer should consider the elements of book looks good. These are the aspects should be considered in designing the published materials typologies: structure, organization and contents, color, composition and typography options.

UntitledThe first publishing material that analyzed is Facebook for Dummies cover book. Preview of the book with the eye-catching yellow color is simply interesting. People may find the collaboration between typography, photography and colors. But it does not look good any more when consider the harmony inter object on it. The image of computer slightly useless and make the composition becomes poor. Over the left side, the sentences just organized and listed as boring style. Actually, the cover will be better if there is only the collaboration of typography in the words ‘Facebook’ and ‘for Dummies’. Adding the picture and the texts just make it looks horrible1.

1379825_358954817601578_5671226337631668407_nThe second published materials is an announcement poster about Puma Fiesta Competition 2013. Analyzing the typologies, it uses more than ten type of font. In perception of people who see this, there will be statement that says it is totally cozy, messy, and unbalance. Although the one who made this put the main information in the middle, he/she did not care about the composition. He/she put everything in unorganized structure. There are many different colors that make it less readable.

INTERIOR_APRIL_1This third published material is the layout of furniture magazine. It combines the photography and typography in modern architecture; put the important information with larger font size and in varies types. Every image is following by texts that give information to the photo. The grouping of pictures gives additional value of harmonization. Black and white color helps the reader to precede the information. If the picture is dark, it uses white typography, vice versa.

8799breaking_dawn__edisBreaking Down book cover is becoming the last published materials analyzed. According to the typologies, structure, organization and contents, color, composition and typography options, this categorized into a good design. It has well organized; follow the law of relativity and harmony. Typography put in balance. As audience may see that there are two objects in the middle: man and moon. On top of it, ‘breaking down’ becomes readable and easy to identify as it is. To strength the balance, the designer put two trees in between left-right and written ‘#1 New York Times Bestseller’ and ‘stephenie meyer’, the writer in between top-bottom. Hence, the design perfectly balance.


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