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Week 4 Video Diaries & Moving Images


Coincidence, Production Day


Coincidence is a story about inner-conflict of a Muslim-Javanese girl, Zahra to Gede, a Hindu-Balinese guy. Zahra’s feeling against the belief and custom, so does Gede. The event starts in the station and the couple events happen in unexpected places. No conversation, the only gesture. The story ends with consideration of the feeling as illusion, and they cannot be together.

During the production day of Coincidence, it needed preparations covered camera, battery, good atmosphere, and good venue. Actually,  the main purpose in a movie production is to get footages, the raw videos that is recorded by camera. The more footages taken, the better, because it would give the editor, in the post-production process, a large opportunity to build up good narrative of the story.


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