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Week 2 Movie Review: Dangdut & Sex Mountain


Uut Selly Dangdut Video Review

Dangdut is one of musik genre originally from Indonesia. There are lots of dangdut singers, like Roma Irama (The King of Dangdut), Elvi Sukaesih (The Queen of Dangdut), and Uut Selly. Uut Selly known as hot dangdut singer, having billions of likers and viewer for her amateur videos in Youtube. What makes billions of people likes her video? We can see obviously, the video was bad in image quality. It has camera shaking, noise in voice and no story. Overall, it is not a good video, but it wins because of the interesting and attractive object.

Sex Mountain Review


Sex mountain in Indonesia attracts thousands of Muslim pilgrims, who believe having sex with strangers at this holy site will bring them wealth and good fortune. Surprising fact comes out from Indonesia, on Gunung Kemukus where the sex ritual takes place. According to the legend in 16th century, doing seven visits and praying to Prince Samudro will give the visitors wealth and luck. Single and married people comes to Gunung Kemukus to do the ritual. If they cannot find someone to sex with, they will just pay for prostitutes. Of course, ritual in this site raises contradiction between money and belief.

3Pattrick Abboud, a SBS reporter, succeed to film the Sex Mountain. He able to ensure viewers about sex ritual existed in Indonesia by footages he took by his camera. Interviews from the pilgrims, prostitute, local docter, and a proffessor proved that sex ritual is exist and welcomed by many people. Shoots for ritual were taken by hidden camera, geniously he could track the activities, for example the scenes in prostitution home and prostitute interviews. Although the camera was shaking caused by unsupported situation, it adds the impression to the viewer that it is the real documentary. Truth conveyed by this movie creatively.



Sex Mountain. (2014). SBS Website. Retrieved on November, 30 2015 at


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