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Week 1 Video Diaries & Moving Images 3


Working with Masks, Track Mattes, and Keys

Masks, track mattes, and key offer three ways of creating transparency on a layer. We can use these tools together or separately for both motion graphics and compositing projects.

1. Masks

Masks, vector-based paths, are used for hiding or revealing parts of layer in After Effects. All masks have four properties that can be modified and animated, which are Mask Path, Mask Feather, Mask Opacity, and Mask Expansion. In addition to those properties, each mask can interact with the mode settings which are: None, Add, Subtract, Intersect, Lighten, Darken, and Difference. Masking the video image can be both, in regular shape and irregular shape.

2. Track Mattes

Track Mattes or traveling mattes are a technique used for hiding and revealing areas of a video layer. Creating track mattes are needed to control the visibility of one layer with another.There are two properties that track matte, which are alpha and luminance. Alpha is the transparency information of a layer, while luminance is the brightness information of a layer. Furthermore, track mattes can be created by applying either the straight alpha or luminance information or by inverting it.

3. Keys

Chroma Keying using Keylight is used to key out green screen background and composite video footage. This keys are best for isolating and revealing areas of a video image with bunch of movements. First thing to do in the chroma keying process is creating a garbage matte to isolate the subject and the area immediately around it. Garbage mattes are important to remove extraneous areas of the background that aren’t necessary for the chroma key effect.

Facts about these Amazing Videos

1. Muhammad Ali vs. Laila Ali – Impossible is Nothing.

2. Adidas – Impossible is Nothing (Muhammad Ali)

3. Perfection… is Possible (Nastia Liukin vs Nadia Comaneci)


4. John Lennon on Forrest Gump

5. Kill Bill 2 Goodnight Moon Car Scene

6. The Matrix behind the Scenes – Rooftop (1999) Keanu Reeves Movie


Key Review:

In order to create videos above, video compositing techniques are applied. For example, in Adidas Muhammad Ali video, the original footage is only Ali. The editor matched different footage together with masking. In the second video, 2 footages and put it together length for years, old footages and the actual footages. The key of combining different footage from different time of shoot, we need something real as the base, we see the archive video, then we do shot, the end mix the scene. For example, in Perfection is Possible Nastia Liukin vs Nadia Comaneci video, amazing video which has combined two shoot taken 13 years ago and the actual one. It is aesthetically appealing and remarkable. The way the editor done that by masking. Original footage of Nadia was taken, and combined it with the footage of Nastia. Certain thing must be done in compositing the video image is matching the scene, the time length, the colour, and expression. Sure, it should be came up with interesting concept.


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