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Week 2 Creative Narrative Online & Storytelling


Review on Final Cut: Ladies & Gentlemen

Final Cut - Arsifa Deliyana

Final Cut, a film by Gyorgy Palfi is a hyperbole love story. It is a new narrative where the scenes were taken from hundreds movies. Technically, the movie produced by editing cut-to-cut clips from epics. Boy meets girl, boy courts girl, boys beats competition for the girl, boy takes girl to bed, boy marries girl… time goes by, husband at work, wife at home, pregnancy on the way, husband fails to react, wife suspicious, husband suspicious, calls wife a slut and goes to war, wife stays home in tears, men die on the front, women desperate at home, time back, before the end husband comes home, and the two kiss over the finale. Overall, the film delivered unsurprised story, but amazing technique to create new story from other stories.


Final Cut – Ladies and Gentlemen. (2012). Retrieved from



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