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Creative Narrative Online & Storytelling


Battle of Galaxy: A Website Analysis


High Concept

Audiences explore their Star, their planet and modify it. They creates their own stories and form colony with friends. They know the past story and build future story.

Website Narrative

The spirit to be united and guard the galaxy was risen up to defeat the darkness. Stars from The Twelve defend and conquered others to form colony. It’s time to be the hero for the galaxy, it’s time to defeat Xalord. The history tells the future generations to live together. The story tells the mission should be accomplished to safe the Galaxy from Xalord. It also tells description of The Stars and enemies, including Xalord. The future story can be created by the future generations by participating in Battle of Galaxy Forum. Hence, the website of Battle of Galaxy deliver history, story and future for audience.

Audience Participation

Audience Experience

  • Chose and be chosen by The Twelve to be one of them
  • Explore the personality, power, ability and element each Stars
  • Design its own planet and customise the Star
  • Join The Twelve colony, communicate with them to get more knowledge from experts and other players

Audience’s Engagement Planning

  • The Beginning of Galaxy as History: Tell the why and how the galaxy and its contents were made, and deliver the background story of The Twelve and De Shire. (Science Fiction Genre)
  • The Battle of Galaxy as Story: Engage the audience to be in the story, to see, to hear, to feel, and to play within the storyworld. Each Stars identity and poser will be revealed. Audience choose and to be chosen to be part of The Twelve.
  • The Pathway of Galaxy as Future: Audience create their own constellation to design the future story. They choose who will be their alliance and who will be their enemies. What will be their strength and what is their element.
  • Galaxy Forum as Forum: Audience can communicate to the other audience, players, and experts to gain more knowledge about the game and strategy. Every single information will be transferred from one into another digital mouth.

So, there will be four main menu to engage audience which are: History, Story, Future and The Forum.


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