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Creative Narrative Online & Storytelling

Battle of Galaxy: A Game Analysis

High Concept

Players defend from invasion of alien, but the game really gets fire after players realise the real enemy is not the alien. Players conquer the other to form army for guarding the galaxy and defeat Xalord, the lord of darkness.

Game Narrative

De Shire was a peaceful planet inhibited by The Twelve colonies, but everything has changed since egoism, suspiciousness and hatred surround the heart of The Stars:

  • Aqua (Aquarius), is the water bearer. It is setting trends, innovative, admired distant and eccentric character. It’s element is air.
  • Arion (Aries), is the ram. It’s personality are brave, independent, assertive, impulsive and hates to be restricted. It’s element is fire.
  • Archira (Sagittarius), is the archer. It is open-minded, achiever, loving, insensitive and cold character. It’s element is Fire
  • Tweezors (Cancer), is the crab. It’s personality are sensitive, friend-oriented, practical, hates to argue, forgives but doesn’t forget. It’s element is water.
  • Virginia (Virgo), is the virgin. It is successful, creative, likes to please, clever and can leads others on character. It’s element is earth.
  • Lionos (Leo), is the lion. It’s personality are creative, popular, faithful, dominating and too much pride. It’s element is Fire.
  • Scorpia (Scorpio), is the scorpion. It is self-reliant, powerful, wise, dominant and secretive character. It’s element is water.
  • Jauza (Gemini), is the twins. It’s personality are dynamic, multi-talent, like games, two-faces and mischievous. It’s element is air.
  • Tavros (Taurus), is the bull. It is good taste, sensual, down-to-earth, pleasure-making and stubborn character. It’s element is earth.
  • Psari (Pisces), is the fish. It’s personality are alluring, free, sensual, sensitive and can’t function alone. It’s element is water.
  • Katsika (Capricorn), it is the goat. It is hardworking, straightforward, loyal, stubborn, uncontent until at the top character. It’s element is earth.
  • Izec (Libra), it is the scales. It’s personality are irresistible, adventurous, lavish, indecisive, and complicated love life. It’s element is air.

For long time, they were fighting each other to takeover other’s land and resources. Exploitation made De Shire was exhausted, till nothing left. The Twelve left De Shire and lived separately in different planets.

After centuries, they had forgot De Shire, forgot the past, and never communicate each other. Then, the day of the darkness come to destroy The Twelve Galaxy and get the hidden power in De Shire. One by one of planets has fallen by the invasion of Xalord. Stars has not enough power to defeat the darkness. The only way to defeat Xalord is by gaining power of of all Stars. One way to fight is to be united.


Game-play Features

  • Defend your planet from the invaders
  • Train for battle in De Shire as the training camp
  • Attack other planets to gain treasure and equipments
  • Find Star Card, upgrade the skill
  • Unlock the achievement to get golds, glory and power
  • Form a colony to start multiple battle
  • Communicate with the colony members to make a battle strategy

General Features

  • Explore custom 2D graphics which transform the rich environments of the Battle of Galaxy
  • Enjoy entertaining, interesting music by fascinating sounds that increase the excitement level
  • Engage with nonlinear freedom of play games the Battle of Galaxy
  • Follow a story that engages astrology with interesting platform

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