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Week 4 Creative Narrative Online & Storytelling

Introduction to Transmedia

Digital era has been starting since technology were used almost in every single works in every single field. The development of technology and information enhances the process of communication within the interaction. Nowadays, people can keep communicate each other through online portal such as social media. Besides, they are able to pay bill, publish books, do shopping, order food, and order driver by using online platforms. Creative industry takes advantages of this situation by providing contents in vary platforms. Technology and free markets have allowed unprecedented levels of customization, personalization and responsiveness toward the entertainment contents. Entertainment is no longer in single media, but it crosses multiple media to satisfy the audience. It is the era of transmedia where watching opera soap, film, cartoon or reality show can be enjoyed not only through TV cable in the living room at exact time, but can be accessed every time, everywhere in online platforms.

The conceptual meaning of transmedia storytelling is telling a story within multi platforms. It enables audience to get more enjoyment because they can participate, interact and collaborate with the story. The idea of telling story in multiple media is supported by the fact that everyone is having different taste and style in enjoying entertainment and transmedia allows them to engage and experience more. In order to succeed the creation of great story, designer should consider and include the level of engagement and satisfaction of audience. Documenting and distilling transmedia project, designer can work with an iterative process – process-orientated approach with loops covered six main components: story, experience, audience, platforms, business mode, and execution. To suggest, let the concept evolve from simple idea into touched output through multiple iterations.


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