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Week 1 ICT New Media

Perspective on ICT New Media

Today, we are all living in digital era where everything related with information and communication technology (ICT).  In fact, modern society make ICT become a keystone of everyday life, e.g. Sampoerna University students owning smartphone are facing difficulties when they left their phone at home. ICT is a term used to define the integrated technologies of information and communication. Any telecommunication devices such as mobile phone and computer are present as a media of ICT. These media enable people to connect, communicate and gain information. They easier human life by shortening the distance and providing global network through internet.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) gives big impact for human life, especially in education field. It has been contributing on universal access to education. In reality, SU students in Jakarta can access US education through D2L, online classes. Besides, ICT is highering the quality of learning and teaching by creating interactive and attractive learning environment.


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