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Week 3 Project Video Diaries III

Pre-production: Storyboard, Script & Characters

Similar to the job division in the last week, I did Pleonastic and Virtual World parts. Let’s look on the progress I have made for this week below:

Pleonastic – Script

Storyboard 1 – Pleonastic

In purpose, I set the opening to middle shots the main character drinking a well-known brand coffee. It is a clue of this story that brings up the capitalism issues. There will be four camera technique will be applied during the production, which are: extreme close-up, close-up/close shot, middle shot and wide shot. Because most of the live action scene will emphasize on the main character expression and reaction, close-up and middle shot will be used often. In fact, I am still considering whether to work handheld or with a Steadicam or both.

According to Pleonastic’s genre, the lighting will be adjusted with horror themes. For outdoor scene, we will use natural light in the early morning and/or in the late afternoon. We expect that it will give sense of “what a short day” and “after dark it will be dark again”. On the other part, in indoor scene, we will use more artificial light focuses on the character, and let the background dark enough. Actually, we decide to stress on main character more to dig up her inner conflict which includes deterrent effect, guilt, regret and want to change.



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