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Week 3 ICT New Media

Information Security

Computer Ethics, Code of Ethics, Intellectual Properties, Computer Crime and Cyber Law

Computer ethics is a system of moral standards or values used as a guideline for computer users. It is needed to stop the current technology products from being exploited. Ethics itself is a moral philosophy where a person makes a specific moral choice and sticks to it. Code of ethics in computing means moral guidelines to refer to when using the computer and the internet.

Intellectual property refers to any product of human intellect that is unique and has value in the market place. This covers ideas, inventions, unique name, computer program codes and many more.Intellectual property laws are needed to establish and safeguard the intellectual property. It is also needed as businesses today continue to expand globally. There are four types of IP protection: patents for invention, trademarks for brand identity, designs for product appearance, and copyright for material.

Privacy refers to a data and information privacy. In general, data includes texts, numbers, sounds, images, and videos. Information privacy is described as the rights of individuals and companies to deny or restrict the collection and use of information about them. The way to protect privacy is by privacy law an utilities software (e.g. anti-spam program, firewall, anti-spyware, and antivirus).

Another methods to protect privacy by authentication and verification. There are two commonly used authentication methods, which are biometric device and callback system. Biometric device is a device that translates personal characteristics into digital code stored in the database. Biometric devices include Fingerprint, Recognition, Facial Recognition, Hand geometry, Iris Scanning, Retinal Scanning, Voice Recognition, and Signature Verification. Callback system refers to the checking system that authenticates the user.

There are two methods used in verification, which are user identification and processed object. User identification refers to the process of validating the user. Processed object refers to something the user has such as identification card, security token and cell phone.

Cyber law refers to any laws relating to protecting the internet and other online communication technologies. It is needed as in the recent years, many concern issues were raised on the integrity and security of information, legal status of online transactions, privacy and confidentiality of information, intellectual property rights, and security of governments data placed on the internet. Computer crimes includes fraud, copyright infringement, theft and attacks.


ICT New Media, Meeting 2. (2016). Lecture Presentation. Sampoerna University.

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