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Week 4 ICT New Media

E-Poster Project

 This week, my team: Adil, Rahma and I were assigned to create an e-poster. We chose the topic “Phising Issue in Online Trivia/Quiz” because most of youths in our age less aware of this issue. Through this e-poster, we want to tell the audience, especially teenagers and young adults to aware of participating in online quiz.


The initial idea of making the poster was creating visual signs that can be understood by audience. Then we chose the icon of “fishing” which consists of “fish” and “hook”. In order to emphasize that the fish means your social media account, we blend icons of many social media with the fish. We divided the job as I made the fish, Adil made the hook and Rahma combined all and put the types.


We chose black and yellow because it commonly use to in caution signs. Actually, we faced difficulties when trying to make it as interactive e-poster. So, we made simple pop-up in the website. When you click the question mark, “?”, the main poster will come up.


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