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Week 5 ICT New Media

Computer Security

Computer Security means protecting our computer and the information they contain against unwanted damage, destruction or modification. Three types of computer security are: hardware security, software security/data security and network security. These computer security protects data from malicious code, hacking and natural disaster.

Computer crime is the unauthorized use, access, modification, and destruction of hardware, software, data, or network resources. It is unauthorized release of information and copying software. There are seven main types of computer crimes as below:

  • Hacking, the obsessive use of computers, or the unauthorized access and use of networked computer systems.
  • Cyber theft, involves unauthorized network entry and the fraudulent alteration of computer databases.
  • Unauthorized use at work, also called time and resource theft, may range from doing private consulting or personal finances, to playing video games, to unauthorized use of the internet on company networks.
  • Piracy of intellectual property, other forms of intellectual property covered by copyright laws: music, videos, images, articles, books.
  • Software piracy, unauthorized copying of software.
  • Computer viruses, a program that cannot work without being inserted into another program.
  • Worm, a distinct program that can run unaided.

Security management helps to minimize errors, fraud and losses in the e-business systems that interconnect businesses with their customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. There are nine security measures which are: virus defenses, fire walls, monitor e-mail, denial of service defenses, encryption, security codes, backup files, biometric security controls and security monitors.



ICT New Media, Meeting 3. (2016). Lecture Presentation. Sampoerna University.


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