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Mid Term – ICT New Media

Website Project: DeShire | Hairstyle 2017


A website, an address on the World Wide Web that contains web pages, is personal online communications connection to the world. Good website is the one that have a good traffic because of its content, visual design, and SEO supports. There are three general steps of making website which are: Get a domain name (personal/private address on the Web), find a web hosting service (where the website will reside), design, build and publish website (the process of website creation). Indeed, I have my own way to make my website as below:

Making the Website

1. Do Research and Analyze Data via Google Trendshair-style-2017

2. Develop the Idea into Comprehensive Concept


3. Build Website with


4. Optimize Website Using SEO Wizard



5. Get Website Report from Google Search Console



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