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Week 10 Research Methodology


Research Proposal I

Logo is a crucial element for business that helps corporate communicate their purpose to the audience. Success companies with success brand are always having great logo to represents their identity. Logos must be (1) recognizable, (2) bring forth a con-sensually held meaning for the intended target market, and (3) induce positive affect. A logo should work well as a masthead, be easy to read, take color into consideration, work well with other type, reproduce well, expand and contract, be usable in other media, reflect the brand position, be differentiated, be updated, and well designed. The most essential part of a good logo design is its effectiveness to get the audience recognition and loyalty.

Sampoerna University is one of international universities in Indonesia, offering accredited U.S. degree courses. The courses are delivered in English and designed with multidisciplinary learning and collaboration. Its curriculum offers student with exceptional opportunities to define and impact the future of their fields, as well as related areas. Under the integrated innovative education system, Sampoerna University is able to provide international quality education.

Since Sampoerna University Master Logo publicly announced, stakeholders – a person, group or organization that has interest or concern in Sampoerna University – have shown significant interest in the meaning of the logo, correspond to the situations researcher identified through interview. To varying degrees, many of them have been interpreted the meaning based on visual analysis of design elements. However, none of these people looked at the semiotics of logo from a narrow perspective, specifically the representation of the logo.

In this analysis, the researcher’s task was to determine, from a semiotic perspective, the meaning that logo have for corporation’s identity, mission, and relationships, as well as the messages that logo convey to audiences. The three contributions of this analysis are as follows:

  • This research gives the meaning and representation of Sampoerna University logo through semiotic analysis.
  • This analysis adds to the development of Sampoerna University identity and mission by following one specific semiotic model.
  • This study offers an in-depth application of Peirce’s three-part model of signification (representamen-object-interpretant) in identifying how the logo help the institution communication



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