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Week 11 Research Methodology


Sample Size & Research Question

Semiotic Analysis of Sampoerna University Logo

Calculating the sample size is essential to reduce the cost of a study and to prove the hypothesis effectively. The research will apply chi-square test because it is sensitive to sample size. The size of the calculated chi-square is directly proportional to the size of the sample, independent of the strength of the relationship between the variables. Researcher decided to have 4 sample categories which are:

  1. Students – 25 students comes from all program studies and faculties will participate in this research.
  2. University – 9 university representatives includes rector, dean, lecturer and staff will be interviewed
  3. Foundation – 4 representative will answer the research questions. They are two people from PSF / Sampoerna School System and two people from KJSB
  4. Outsiders – 4 people are parents and prospective students

It is absolutely important to create research questions to focus the research or paper. Research questions help determine the concept and narrative in writing research paper. In this paper, the topic is about Sampoerna University logo, thus the research questions will narrow on stakeholders opinion. The questions are using mixed method as below:



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