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Week 13 ICT New Media


Game Building

DeShire Hairdressing Game Concept

In this week, I make a concept for building my game based on the website and mobile application I made before. The topic is Deshire Hairdressing Game. Background of the chosen topic is to offer more interactivity in the game which includes: hairstyling and dressing (clothes and apparels) related to my website and mobile app.
Based on the target audience, the theme I picked is girly fashion in contemporary style. I plan to make the clothes and apparel fit to the four main scene:

  1. 14 December, Laura is having birthday party in her house
  2. 21 December, Laura attends wedding party in Java, Indonesia
  3. 25 December, Laura celebrates Xmas in Singapore
  4. 31 December, Laura hangs out for New Year in Japan

The logic game will make the player to hairdressing Laura based on the date. The more match the dress the higher points player will get. For perfect dress, player will get 100 points. After pass the level, the player will be levelling up and unlock the locked items. Besides, the player can get extra 25 points for sharing its result to social media.


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