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Week 1 Graphical User Interface (GUI)

An Introduction: Graphical User Interface

The first meeting of the class, we were introduced to Graphical User Interface (GUI) course’s syllabus. It covered the objectives, outcomes, coverage, references, class assessment scheme, effort required, list of assignments, assignments policies, and codes of ethics and conducts. Also, Ww were asked about our expectation to learn GUI and how are we going to learn it.

The objectives of learning GUI are:

  1. To provide knowledge and understanding of the principles of the graphical user interface (GUI).
  2. To provide students with some experience of designing and implementing GUI guided by good design principles.
  3. To provide students with the knowledge on selected usability evaluation techniques and allow them to apply in the GUI design and implementation process.

Upon completion of GUI course, we should be able to:

  1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the principles of designing GUI.
  2. Apply good practice in the process of designing and implementing GUI.
  3. Demonstrate the ability of conducting usability evaluation as part of the GUI designing process.
  4. Communicate effectively.

The topics of GUI course will cover introduction to the course, overview on UI and GUI, designing process on GUI; principle and practice, understanding the users, representation and metaphors in. GUI, principles on screen design of GUI, web design, mobile design, and design evaluation.

In this class, we will use several readings as our references which are:

  1. Benyon, D., Turner, P. & Turner, S. (2005) Designing Interactive Systems, Pearson Education Limited.
  2. Shneiderman, B. & Plaisant, C. (2005) Designing the User Interface, (4th ed.), United States: Pearson Education Inc. (Addison-Wesley),
  3. Norman, D. (2013) The Design of Everyday Things (Revised and expanded edition), Basic Books, New York.
  4. Buxton, B. (2007) Sketching User Experiences: getting the design right and the right design, Elsevier.
  5. Colbone, G. (2009) Simple and Usable: web, mobile, and interaction design. New Riders.


Introduction of User Interface – Graphic User Interface

The second meeting of the class, we were learning about User Interface (UI) and Graphic User Interface (GUI). As the lecturer mention, user interface (UI) is strongly related to graphic user interface (GUI), but they have different meaning and definition. User interface is a collection of techniques and mechanisms that allow a user to interact with a system. It is a user interface that includes graphical elements, such as windows, icons and buttons.

Graphics have revolutionized user interface design. Properly used it can effectively utilize a person’s information processing abilities and allow for faster interaction with computer system. The graphical user interface (GUI) is a type of user interface that allows user to interact with electronic devices through graphical icons and visual indicators such as secondary notation, instead of text-based user interfaces, typed command labels or text navigation.

The user interface may be the only contact that the user has with the system. The interface is the system designer’s way of representing the system to the user; this is called a conceptual mode. If the interface is confusing, then the user maya chose not to use the system at all or will use it incorrectly. At the very last, a frustrating interface can cause stress and discomfort. A well-designed interface can increase productivity.



Media A. Ayu. (2018). Introduction UI – GUI [Powerpoint slides].



Media A. Ayu. (2018). Introduction UI – GUI [Powerpoint slides].


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