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Week 1 Independent Project with Instructor

1. Indigenous People’s Today

Indonesia is a melting pot where over 300 ethnic groups are living in Indonesia. In fact, Indonesia is home to an estimated 50-70 million indigenous and tribal people. The Government of Indonesia supports the promotion and protection of indigenous people worldwide. However, does not recognize the application of the indigenous peoples concept in the country’.

My experience when I joined Jambore and Rekernas AMAN (Aliansi Masyarakat Adat Nasional/ Indigenous People’s Alliance of the Archipelago), these indigenous people does not fully get their rights, especially to their traditional lands, territories and resources. Indonesia’s denial of the existence of indigenous peoples within its borders was in response to this.

One of my friend, claimed herself as an indigenous people felt injustice because government and some companies took their lands called “Tanah Adat”, For decades, they have been locked in fierce battles with logging, palm oil and mining companies that have been expanding into their homelands in the resource-rich nation because, many do not have formal titles to the land their families have lived on for generations.

As a minority she felt the pressure of the changing world. In some cases, she and the other tribal people were forced to change. But, according to their life principles, what they need is not technology and modernity, but a peace. Some of them viewed technology just destroy environment.

Indigenous People

Initial Idea 2: Indigenous People are Our Neighbours


2. Warung Pecel, similar designs

Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 11.47.37 AM

Initial Idea 2: Semiotics of Warung Pecel


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