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Week 3 Independent Project towards Major


Independent Project towards Major

AR Flashcards Traditional Music Instrument


Project Tittle

Augmented Reality (AR) Flashcards of Traditional Music Instrument



Cultural Heritage is an expression of the ways of living developed by a community and passed on from generation to generation, including customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values. Cultural Heritage is often expressed as either Intangible or Tangible Cultural Heritage. However, today’s generation has low interest on knowing these cultural heritage. It caused the inadequate knowledge and low cultural identification towards local cultural heritage of Indonesia such as the traditional music instrument.

The development of technology such as Augmented Reality (AR) allows the integration of technology system and cultural heritage. The collaboration delivered interactivity during for the users. Thus, I want to make an augmented reality android-based application for learning Indonesian cultural heritage. The physical medium will be flashcards.



There are two main objectives of this project, which are:

  • Elevate education system in terms of engagement, interactions, efficiency, and fun factor
  • Provide immersive mixed reality experiences for users
  • Publicize Indonesian cultural heritage, such as traditional music instrument


Development Process

  • Examine/Discover (audience and technology analysis for AR App
  • Validate/Define (design for AR App)
  • Ideate/Develop (develop for AR App)
  • Re-design/Develop (2nd session feedback)
  • Experiment/Deliver (evaluate for the app)



  • Software (Vuforia, Unity, Android Studio, 3D Maya, Photoshop)
  • User Interface (images, media layout, type font, contents, interactions, navigations)




AR Flashcards Octagon Studio



  1. Please provide me a mockup at your earliest Syfa. I need to see if this is doable for you this semester. The concept is very interesting but I wanna see your implementation.

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