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Week 3 Creative Narrative Online & Storytelling

Christopher Vogler “The Hero with A Thousand Faces” on The Matrix Movie

  1. Ordinary world: The hero is introduced in his ordinary world.  Most stories take place in a special world, a world that is new and alien to its hero. The Matrix; Thomas Anderson, a computer programmer while maintaining a double life as a hacker, under the alias “Neo”, in the Matrix
  2. Call to adventureThe hero is presented with a problem, challenge, or adventure. The Matrix; Infamous hacker Trinity contacts Neo and informs him that a man named Morpheus can tell him what the Matrix is.
  3. Refusal of the call: The hero is reluctant at first.  Often at this point, the hero balks at the threshold of adventure. The Matrix; Neo refuses to follow Morpheus instruction in phone to jump out from the window to run from Smith and the two Agents.
  4. Meeting with the mentor: The hero is encouraged by the wise old man or woman. The Matrix; Neo meets Morpheus  and confirms that he wants to learn more about the Matrix by choosing an offered red pill.
  5. Crossing the first threshold: The hero passes the first threshold and fully enters the special world of his story for the first time.  This is the moment at which the story takes off and the adventure gets going. The Matrix; After swallowing the pill, Neo abruptly awakens in a liquid-filled vessel, connected along with millions of other people to an elaborate electrical structure. He is rescued by Morpheus and brought aboard a levitating ship, the Nebuchadnezzar.
  6. Tests, allies and enemies: The hero encounters tests and helpers.  The hero is forced to make allies and enemies in the special world, and to pass certain tests and challenges that are part of his training. The Matrix; Test (virtual combat training), allies (Trinity, Tank, Apoc, Switch, Dozer, Mouse), enemies (Agent Smith, Agent Brown, Agent Jones, Cypher)
  7. Approach to the inmost cave: The hero reaches the innermost cave.  The hero comes at last to a dangerous place, often deep underground, where the object of his quest is hidden (Holy Grail). The Matrix; When Neo and groups prepares to exit the Matrix after visiting the Oracle, they are ambushed by Agents and tactical police, leading to the death of a crew member called Mouse. Morpheus allows himself to be captured to let the rest of the crew escape in the walls.
  8. The ordealThe hero endures the supreme ordeal.  This is the moment at which the hero touches bottom. This is a critical moment in any story, an ordeal in which the hero appears to die and is born again. The Matrix; After killed by Agent Smith, Neo revives with new power to perceive and control the Matrix. He effortlessly destroys Agent Smith.
  9. RewardHaving survived death, beaten and slain the enemy, the hero now takes possession of the treasure he’s come seeking. The Matrix;  Neo returns to the real world in time and meets his love, Trinity.
  10. The road back: Hero’s not out of the woods yet.  Some of the best chase scenes come at this point, as the hero is pursued by the vengeful forces from whom he has stolen the elixir or the treasure. The Matrix;  In the Matrix, Neo makes a telephone call, promising the Machines he will show their prisoners “a world where anything is possible”. Neo ends the call and flies into the sky.
  11. The resurrection: The hero emerges from the special world, transformed by his experience. The Matrix;  Neo new appearance and point of view of the world (the Matrix and the reality).
  12. Return with the elixir: The hero comes back to his ordinary world, but his adventure would be meaningless unless he brought back the elixir, or treasure, or some lesson from the special world. The Matrix; Neo continues the mission to free the will.


Marauleng: Seaman of Sulawesi XVII Century

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