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Week 4 Graphic User Interface (GUI)

10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design – Nielsen’s Principles

Mujigae Food Ordering System


  1. Visibility of system status

Mujigae, a bibimbab and casual korean food restaurant, has its own food ordering system. The system always keep users informed about what is going on, through appropriate feedback within reasonable time. When user does some action or referring to a continuing process, the status clearly mentioned until it’s completion. ­Beside image (Image 1) is appeared after the user orders the food in the application, it says “Thank you, please wait for your order”. The texts are shown to notify the user at the moment. The system status helps the user to know   the progress, know what happens in the background to avoid confusion.

  1. Match between system and the real world

Mujigae food ordering system speak the users’ language, with words, phrases and concepts familiar to the user. It follows real-word conventions, making information appear in a natural and logical order. However, the system app does not have a language setting. It mixed the language between Bahasa Indonesia and English. As we can see in both Image 1 and Image 2, there are two different languages. The system status or notification are in Bahasa Indonesia, while the main menu and sub menu are in English

  1. User control and freedom

Mujigae food ordering system is quite simple but giving the user positive experience related to the user control and freedom. For example, when customers have ordered the food, but mistakenly chose the menu, they can delete the item. As we can see the picture beside (Image 3), “My order” page offers listed controls to the user covered delete, reduce, or increase the total of items. In this page, user can go back to the food menu or main menu by clicking “Back”, complete the order by click “Order” or ask for the bill by clicking “Billing”.

  1. Consistency and standards

Based on the analysis of Mujigae application, the system performs consistency and follows platform conventions. The user does not have to wonder whether different words, situations, or actions mean the same thing. Each function in Mujigae application system is displayed in different name in the right order (menu – sub menu –  image/description)

  1. Error prevention

Mujigae food ordering system is designed to easier the user in ordering the food. It has notification of error whenever the user faces error caused by human error or system error.

  1. Recognition rather than recall

This system application is design interactively where most of the contents are displayed in form of an image. It easier the user to know the steps of using the application without recalling the past experience. By seeing the image and read the short text, user can walk through the ordering process smoothly. Good consistency and standards from this application make the user recognize the provided function and instruction easily. The example is as beside (Image 4). Food menus are categorized in short text, and the image references of the food items are displayed.

  1. Flexibility and efficiency of use

­The flexibility of using Mujigae food ordering system is good because it offers choices for the user and combines online and offline services. The system provides other services on the application beside the menu and order, such as video request, photo, reward, and call waiter. The application also performs high efficiency of use. Hence, the interaction between the user and the system application can be speed up.

  1. Aesthetic and minimalist design

The dialogues in Mujigae food ordering system contain the relevant and in need information only. The design of the application is made into simple and minimalist design where form follows function. The design of the app is interesting, interactive and has aesthetic value.

  1. Help user recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors

Error messages of Mujigae food ordering system are expressed in plain and simple language (no codes), pricisely indicate the proble, and constructively suggest a solution.

  1. Help and documentation

Mujigae food ordering system application does not have the “Help” button on it. However, it has “Call waiter” menu. Any issues can be discussed with the waiter on real time and place.


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