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Week 8 Independent Project towards Major

Augmented Reality (AR)

Gambang Kromong Instrument


There are four main components of augmented reality which are:

  1. Scene Generator – the device or software responsible for rendering the scene.
  2. Tracking System – enables the objects in the real and virtual worlds properly aligned.
  3. Display – display the object by considering the resolution factor, flexibility, point of view, and tracking area.
  4. AR Devices – such as monitor based AR type displays 3D model, or merged video on the screen.


AR Work Process

AR Work Process.jpg

First, researcher creates digital objects as the 3D computer model to be projected in the real world. The researcher used following devices and programs to create the application system: a laptop computer, a smartphone, an e-book reader, printed paper with an object image, 3D modelling program (Autodesk Maya), design programs (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator), and AR programs (Vuforia and Unity). Through 3D modelling program, researcher is able to make a 3D computer model and convert it into an AR compatible format. Hereinafter, object image as AR marker is created using design programs. The AR marker can be read by devices with an e-book reader installed in it. The model will be presented on the mobile display after rendering the object.


System Architecture

  1. User open the application of virtual Gambang Kromong using android mobile
  2. User put the registered marker under the camera, automatically mobile camera will track the marker, and the Gambang Kromong instrument will be appear on the mobile screen.
  3. User touch the marker part that which coordinate will be identified and validate by camera.
  4. The touch of the hand on the coordinate marker that has been determined will be detected as a touch (interaction) which will be processed by the system data.
  5. The touch coordinates by the system will then be matched to a defined sound specification and the sound will be issued as a matching success parameter with the interaction performed.


Application Initial Sketch



A pack of Gambang Kromong AR consists of 10 flashcards


Full Card Back

Kromong musical scale


Current State





Click here to download Story Canvas – AR Gambang Kromong



  1. Now that you have created some 3D assets you can start building the ‘real’ app. Next week I wanna see the mock-up for this on your phone.

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