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Week 8 Independent Project under Instructor

Baju Bodo, the Symbol of Age and Dignity for Women in Bugis Culture


Project Title Photography: Baju Bodo
Description Baju Bodo, the Symbol of Age and Dignity for Women in Bugis Culture
Project Schedule February – May, 2018
Photographer Arsifa Deliyana A.
Model 18 models
Number of Shot 4 photo shot session
Est. Budget Rp1.500.000
Location Photography studio
Genre Cultural Fashion Photography/ Photographic Portraits



  • Portrait photography
  • Cultural fashion photography
  • Bugis women in Baju Bodo



  • Baju Bodo, the Symbol of Age and Dignity for Women in Bugis Culture
  • 360 degree photo collages  offers experience at every angle for the audience



  • Introduce the Bugis custom related to Baju Bodod
  • Create a story with photographs that encourages audiences to explore the full 360 degrees.


Target Audience

  • Y generation
  • Youth – adult (age >12 years old)
  • Academicians, workers, designer
  • Able to use Smartphone/tablet
  • Interactive media interests
  • Geodemographic: urban


Development Process

  • Examine/Discover (audience and technology analysis for VIW) –
  • Validate/Define (design for visual) –
  • Ideate/Develop (develop for website) –
  • Re-design/Develop (2nd session feedback)
  • Experiment/Deliver (evaluate for the Visual Interactive Website)


Photo Concept

According to Bugis custom, every color of Baju Bodo clothes worn by Bugis women shows the age or dignity of the wearer.

  • Maridi (ivory’s yellow) worn by under 10-year-old girls. This color represents their joyful world. This baju bodo with ivory’s yellow is also called waju pella-pella (butterfly). This color is symbolized as a joyful world of children, and it is expected that children will grow up and be able to face life’s challenges.
  • Bakko (orange/pink) worn by girl aged 10-14 years. Orange (bakko) is a representation of the world “bakkaa”. Which means “half mature”.
  • Women at the age of 14-17 wear baju bodo in orange or pink. But, because of her breast’s growth, they wear it in double layers.
  • Red-blood baju bodo with layers worn by women aged 17-25 years. The red color symbolizes the blood they sprout after the marriage. Dark red worn by women in this age who already have children.
  • Black worn by women aged 25-40 years.
  • White worn by the servants of the king, shamans, and The byssus are believed having the white blood by incarnation. It is what makes them able to be a liaison between Langi Botting (realm of sky), Peretiwi (world of human), and Ale Kawa (world of spirit).
  • Kudara (green) worn by the noble women, daughters of the king or maddara takku (the descendants).
  • Kemummu (purple) worn by the widows.


Photo Shoot 1

Here, I took some picture from Bugis women wearing Baju Bodo. The set was in outdoor. At the time the weather was changing from bright, cloudy, to rainy. Thus, I got difficulties to capture the right light. I will take another shoot this weekend with more highlight on the portrait and darker background.


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  1. Finalize the photo concept before you go on location to take he pics. I wanna discuss it with you to avoid retakes. Improve it based on our previous discussions on Pictorialism and the rest of the references. If you have new references let me know also to assist you.

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