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Week 9 Independent Project under Instructor

Photo Concept

After reviewing portrait photographer and pictorialist works such as Nadar, Julia Margaret Cameron, and Kassian Chepas, I think Chepas’ photography style is the most suitable for my independent project. Thus, I plan the photo concept refer to his style. I have 8 photo concept according to Baju Bodo color and representation. Below is the explanation:


Young Javanese Girl by Kassian Chepas

Refer to above image, I want to frame a Bugis women aged 14-17 wearing orange baju bodo. Below is the photo concept for Bakko theme:

  • Concept: Young women
  • Message: Half mature
  • Creative composition: Full shot frames character from head to toes
  • Dynamic Artistry: Subject roughly fills the frame. The emphasize is on the action of the character rather than her emotional state.
  • Type of portrait: Traditional or Classical portraiture would refer to an image where face is the predominant element. The purpose of the photograph is to depict visual representation of that person. Subject is expected to be looking directly at the camera.


Javanese dancer in court costume, studio around 1890 by Kassian Chepas



  1. Can’t wait to see some of your pictures. Please post them!

  2. You might find this interview interesting. Richard Avedon is one of the most prominent portraitists in the history of Photography.

    • I have checked the video. Richard Avedon is a great photographer. He is able to capture the private side of the figures. It makes me think that I need to get to know deeper the person I am going to photograph.

  3. Same with this one. Check it out. I already showed you some of Nadav Kander’s work:

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