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Week 9 Creative Narrative Online Storytelling


Liotia, The Beginning


Fate sealed, destiny determined

Short Summary

Liotia is an unordinary orphan girl who is able to see the string of fate, at the age of  16 years old. As the legend said the string of fate makes two people connected by this thread will have an important story, regardless of the time, place or circumstances. She always believes the red string is such a good fate, cause people mostly find their true love over it. However everything changes when Liotia found her best friend named Lexia was murdered by her fated partner, Ian. Because of her guilty, she tried to save Lexia and accompanied by Jikan, a boy from Woyenda Tribe (time traveler), she tried to find a way to save her best friend. In the way, she discovered that she is the lost crown princess of Lingon tribe, the pure Lingon. The Lingon is a legendary famous tribe for its ability to see and change the red string of fate. During the journey, Liotia had to lost her companion as Los (the current leader of Lingon) tried to kill her but a miracle happened when a boy from Mandar sea tribe, Marauleng rised as the truth behind who responsible in her best friend death is exposed.


Hero’s Journey

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 4.30.17 PM

Status Quo, Liotia is an ordinary orphan girl who magically able to see the string of fate when turns 16. Liotia has a best friend named Lexi who always support her life including the first person who know Liotia able to see the string.

Call for Adventure, One day Liotia, look on Lexi’s string and find out her string connect with Ian. Lexi really loves the idea and finally they are dating. The happiness shattered out when Lexi mysteriously found dead and Ian disappear.

Refusal of the call, Many speculation grow, until it found that Ian is the one who kill Lexi. Liotia refused to believe because she believe Ian and Lexi have connected string so it impossible to happen.

Meet the mentor, As the time passed Liotia able to receive the fact that Ian is the one who kill Lexi, She start to questioning the connection that everyone had, what could it be means. Liotia also feel so guilty and start to blame herself. At the moment she met Lios (Borne) who later explain she might be able to save her friend.

Crossing the Threshold, With a direction from Lios (Borne), Lotia start her adventure to save her friend by going to the Mul Forest who located in the north of the island to find the Lingon tribe.

Test, Allies, and Enemies,  In the way of her journey, she met a time traveler named Jikan. Who later become her friend as they have same purpose meet the Lingon. Matallo, the leader of Lingon tribe once ever told that the pure Lingon might comeback and replace him because he is
just half blood generation and so much rule have been violated which make Lingon filled with the darkness. In fact, Liotia is the last child of Pure Lingon generation, so Matallo planned to kill Liotia.

Approach in most cave, Liotia who greedy to save Lexi, ask Lios (Borne) to show her the way and find the truth that she is a part of Lingon who able to see and change the fate of string. Accompanied by Jikan, she travel time to cut the connection between Lexi and Ian, even before they meet and find out Ian supposed to be with other person. Someone had intentionally connect them, which make the string no longer means to someone you destined to be together. But to kill one another.

The Ordeal, To be able to fix the string, Liotia have to sacrifice her life time, and at the moment Matallo take a chance to attack Liotia, which put her life in danger. Jikan, who had compassion for Liotia. Sacrifice him self by giving out his ability and all his life time.

Reward, On the other place, Marauleng is awaken by Ambuwelang, to help the descendant of Lingon, Liotia. Also with the compassion that Jikan give, Liotia able to face up and win the battle against Matallo, and purified the Lingon tribe. Unfortunately, as the death of Jikan known by Woyenda tribe (Jikan’s tribe), they planned to attack Lingon. So, in order to keep the Lingon safe Marauleng stay while Liotia travel to the past to connect Lexi string to the chosen one, Liotia find out Jikan is Lexi fated partner.

Road Back, While traveling back to the past, Liotia saw the flashback of her life from birth, when she was brought by Borne aka Lios, and finally reached the orphanage. She failed to prevent Lios a.k.a Borne to cut the strings, so in order to connect the string back, Liotia have to sacrifice her self for both save Lexi and Jikan. After having conversation with Liotia, Lios offer his life as a sign of responsibility for what he did. And ask Liotia have to stay in Lingon and protect her tribe.

Resurrection, Liotia comeback to present time, later she knows that she is the pure Lingon and accept her fate as the new queen of Lingon, since she her parents was the royal. But the consequences, Lexi and Jikan will lost their memory about Liotia. Marauleng succeed to stop the attack of Woyenda tribe.

Return With Elixir, Together with Marauleng, Liotia under Wiba’s guidance rule the Lingon.

Character Archetype

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 1.15.12 PM.png

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 2.58.36 PMScreen Shot 2018-04-12 at 2.58.44 PM

Character Relationship


Asset 1

Story World


Take place in Earth specifically Yunikuna Island (a mythical and mysterious island inside Masalembo Triangle) which have been exist since 17th Century. People who lived there are mostly from tribes which pursue different type of ability like time traveler (Woyenda),  seeing sound (Sonu), seeing string of fate (Lingon), seeing feeling (Aypa), and The forgotten, ordinary human (Anthu). It has six main districts, North Island, South east Island, South west island, West Island, East Island and a Center Island connecting the fifth and provides the foundations for the city.



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