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Week 1 Long-Term Project: Cultural Sites in West Java


Long-Term Project:

Cultural Sites in West Java

West Java is one of province in Indonesia which famous and rich of historical and cultural sites. I choose to do research directly in West Java because I am interested to know deep about Sunda Land. Among big cities in this province like Bandung, Depok and Bogor, there are many interesting sites, e.g Gedung Sate (Bandung), but I put my concern on Garut and Sukabumi. I consider to pick Kampung Dukuh (Garut), Pelabuhan Ratu (Sukabumi) and Kabuyutan Ciburuy (Garut). Below is the brief explanation aboout those sites:

Kampung Dukuh

Kampung Dukuh is a traditional societies’ residential in Cijambe village, district Cikelet, Garut. Based on the story that local people believed in, the founder of the Kampung Dukuh is Sheikh Abdul Jalis. The village consists of two residential areas, namely: Dukuh Luar (Dukuh Landeuh = below) and Dukuh Dalam (Dukuh Tonggoh = on). Besides, there is another region called the Tanah Karomah (sacred land) where there Makam Karomah (shrine). Those third areas are bounded by hedgerows. The people of Kampung Dukuh is a homogeneous society and live isolated from the hustle of the city and other settlements. According to the custom among the village, local people strongly adhere Kasauran Karuhun (ancestor advice) and still hold the Taboo tradition (prohibition).

Pantai Pelabuhan Ratu

Pelabuhan Ratu is a gulf cost as a whole has a unique character – has combination between the coast and the steep sloping beach. Pelabuhan Ratu has a close relations with the legend Nyi Roro Kidul. Local people belief that Nyi Roro Kidul is living in Laut Selatan as the ruler. One of the rituals in Pelabuhan Ratu is Pesta Nelayan (fishing party) held by local people which mostly are fisherman. The value of this feast is an offering of gratitude for all the graces that given by God the Almighty. In this event, tourists can witness the ritual form of dance that accompanies a pair of kings and queens who paraded on the wagon as a symbol of the ruler of the Ratu Pantai Selatan (Queen of the South Coast). While the main event is releasing thousands of Tukik (baby turtles) into the sea. In addition, an ancient sites which is Punden Berundak was found in Pelabuhan Ratu, affirms Indonesia’s maritime culture. The site is located 100 meters from the beach.

Kabuyutan Ciburuy

Kabuyutan Ciburuy is a heritage of Prabu Siliwangi (King of Pajajaran Kingdom) continued by his son, Prabu Kian Santang. Administratively, Kabuyutan Ciburuy located in the village Pamalayan, district Bayongbong, Garut. In the area of Kabuyutan Ciburuy, there are three traditional houses called Bumi Padaleman (storage of objects of ancient manuscripts, palm leaves and nipah), Bumi Patamon (storage place sharp objects such as daggers, kujeng trisula, and goong renteng), Lumbung Padi “Leuit” (storage of foodstuffs, especially rice), Pangsujudan place (the place for meditation and prostrate King Kian Santang), and Pangalihan (place for storing the fence).



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