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Week 3 Kabuyutan Ciburuy and Seba Ritual


Kabuyutan Ciburuy and Seba Ritual

Kabuyutan Ciburuy is a heritage of Prabu Siliwangi (King of Pajajaran Kingdom) continued by his son, Prabu Kian Santang. Administratively, Kabuyutan Ciburuy located in the village Pamalayan, district Bayongbong, Garut. In the area of Kabuyutan Ciburuy, there are three traditional houses called Bumi Padaleman (storage of objects of ancient manuscripts, palm leaves and nipah), Bumi Patamon (storage place sharp objects such as daggers, kujeng trisula, and goong renteng), Lumbung Padi “Leuit” (storage of foodstuffs, especially rice), Pangsujudan place (the place for meditation and prostrate King Kian Santang), and Pangalihan (place for storing the fence). Every year, local people in Kabuyutan Ciburuy hold a ceremony called Seba Ritual on Muharram, the last Wednesday. Seba Ritual consists of several activities which are Babaktos (change the bamboo fence rounded the houses), cleaning the houses and Nyalikeun (clean the objects of heritage with flowering water and specific oil, while the older is spelling).

Timeline Final Project – Kabuyutan Ciburuy

Pre-production Day

Week 4 (25 September) Make a descriptive-narrative of Kabuyutan Ciburuy

Week 6 (5-11 October) Making a budget planning including the transportation and accommodation

Week 7 (12-18 October) Creating a short list about the interview contents

Week 8 (23-25 October) Visiting and observing the Kabuyutan Ciburuy, taking picture

Production Day

Week 9 (26 October-1 November) Writing a script, making story line and storyboard.

Week 10 (3-6 November) Taking footage of Seba Ritual

Week 11 (9-15 November) Taking additional footage if needed and revising the script

Post-production Day

Week 12 (16-22 November) Editing process I, compiling videos and recordings (rough movie)

Week 13 (23-29 November) Editing process II, inserting the subtitle


Week 14 (30 November-6 December) Revision I

Week 15 (7-13 December) Revision II, final documenter movie

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