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Week 5 Kabuyutan Ciburuy and Seba Ritual


Kabuyutan Ciburuy and Seba Ritual


Kabuyutan Ciburuy is a heritage of Prabu Siliwangi (King of Pajajaran Kingdom) continued by his son, Prabu Kian Santang. Administratively, Kabuyutan Ciburuy located in the village Pamalayan, district Bayongbong, Garut. One of the cultural heritage in Kabuyutan Ciburuy is Patilasan Prabu Kean Santang, the son of Prabu Siliwangi (king of Padjajaran). The shape of the stone slabs covering an area of ​​approximately 2 x 1 meter which not far from the main building, Bumi Padelaman. Based on the source, the stone is a place where Prabu Kean Santang praying, when he tried to cathch his father up.

Based on the history, as the older said, Aki Adju, Prabu Siliwangi did not run because of Prabu Kean Santang, but he refused to be Islam as his son requested. In order to prevent conflict with his son, Prabu Siliwangi was surrender and hiding. It is Kabuyutan Ciburuy – place where Prabu Siliwangi was hiding. At the time, Prabu Kean Santang did not find his father, the he prayed. After praying, Prabu Siliwangi’s voice was out, stated that he has been entering Islam. But if he must be circumcised (khitan) by his son, it should be taboo. Until now, Prabu Siliwangi never been seen. He was lost in Sancang forest, South Garut.

In the area of Kabuyutan Ciburuy, there are three traditional houses called Bumi Padaleman (storage of objects of ancient manuscripts, palm leaves and nipah), Bumi Patamon (storage place sharp objects such as daggers, kujeng trisula, and goong renteng), Lumbung Padi “Leuit” (storage of foodstuffs, especially rice), Pangsujudan place (the place for meditation and prostrate King Kian Santang), and Pangalihan (place for storing the fence).

Every year, local people in Kabuyutan Ciburuy hold a ceremony called Seba Ritual on Muharram, the last Wednesday. Seba Ritual consists of several activities which are Babaktos (change the bamboo fence rounded the houses), cleaning the houses and Nyalikeun (clean the objects of heritage with flowering water and specific oil, while the older is spelling).


Nana Suryana, kuncen 48th generation,

Aki Adju, the older of Cimaung Banjaran

Budget Planning:

Transportation: IDR 200.000 @visit

Accommodation: Free (acquaintance’s house)


Official website of Dinas Pariwisata dan Kebudayaan Provinsi Jawa Barat, retrieved on, Jawa Barat, retrieved on http:

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