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Intro to Interactive Digital Media


New media fulfills the human need to communicate and tell stories using innovation and technology through digital media tools. Interactive Digital Media allows people to interact with data in the form of text, graphics, moving image, and sound in a structured digital environment for appropriate purposes.

The digital domain in form of games or websites, together with the expansion of tablets and digital mobile devices is an established new arena for the dissemination, interaction and consumption of narrative. Interactive Digital Media can be applied to a widespread group of fields with different levels of involvement: The rapidly ever-evolving game industry requires constant digital media innovation and interaction; The access to information online in form of blogs, websites, e-books and social media belongs to our everyday, making the digital realm the place where entertainment, business, education and communication happen.

This Interactive content development course is therefore a place where design students can gain an introduction to invaluable technical and conceptual skills for programming and asset production. With a hands on approach in the class projects students will be able to do so by defining the technical structure and interface of the final products together with other relevant elements such as text, audio, video and animation assets. Visual and critical skills are facilitated, planning and layout skills crucial. This course also reinforces the English language skills in EAP and other courses.


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