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Intro to Online Publishing


New media fulfills the human need to communicate and tell stories through innovation and technology. Online publishing offers a new way of telling and disseminating a story to a wider audience at lower costs while increasing the scope and length of relevant issues. The digital domain provides a new arena for the dissemination, interaction and consumption of narrative.

Online publishing can take many forms: blogs, websites, e-books; It opens the possibilities to individuals to create freely by keeping the process of making a book or magazine flexible and experimental. At the same time printed books are undergoing a golden age due to the possibilities of online publishing. Digital printing offers high quality affordable solutions individually tailored and aesthetically appealing.

From papyrus scrolls through Gutenberg movable type to online publishing options, different cultures in the world have developed ways to tell stories that are relevant to them with many diverse motivations. Visual and critical skills are facilitated, planning and layout skills crucial. This course also reinforces the English language skills in EAP and other courses.

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