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Week 2 Create Meaning to the Narratives



Create Meaning to the Narratives is my second post for Storytelling & Narratives Concepts class. This posting talks about what we have done and learned in the class. But the point is, this writing explained about how we create meaning to the narratives and the correlation between narrative and coded flow.

What have we done in the class? In the second meeting for Mr. Rodrigo’s class, we did not just listen to the explanation of the topics from him, but we also watched a video event. The title of video is Intel Visibly Smart – Batik Fractal. It’s about the applied technology in supporting traditional arts. Just like software that help designer to create new pattern related to the Batik.


Create Meaning to the Narrative

There are more than just story in our life. Some stories are the real story happened in the past and it is closely related to the history. Historical story has many forms, for instance: myth. For Barthes, myths are the dominant ideologies of our time. The idea of myth is widely held but false belief or idea. It comes from misrepresentation of the truth, a fictitious or imaginary person or thing, and an exaggerated or idealized conception of a person or thing. Nowadays, myth as ancient story is not only conveyed orally, but also had been written.

The picture on the left side is the first verses of the IliadIt is ancient Greek epic poem in dactylic hexameter. When reading this poem, only Greek or the one who know the language can understand the meaning of this poem. How about now? Yes, we can get known the story inside the poem, because it has been translating.

When we retell story, translating it by using dictionary, we have to keep the meaning and the sense, otherwise it just nothing. The question is how the meaning and the sense could be kept in the story or narrative? The keyword is code.

Code is a specific style in art. It helps to simplify phenomena (narrative) in order to make it easier to communicate. Think codes as frame works as languages – not only spoken languages but anything that can carry signification. The idea of code as culturally variable leads us for being familiar with it, by belonging to those cultures or knowing those cultures deeply. As the advantages doing these, we can convey the message completely.  So, code can helps us to make sense and meaning in our narratives.


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