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Week 3 The Advent of The Book



In this week, the class topic discussion is about The Advent of the Book, Presentation and Structure of Stories in Printed Forms. We learned the history about how paper, print letters that can move, and printing press were invented.

The Advent of The Book

As we know before, in the pre-history, stories were told orally until Egypt found alphabetic writing system. When writing systems were invented or created in ancient civilizations, most everything that could be written upon stone, clay, tree bark, metal sheets was written on it. At this period, the world was advanced slowly. The writing on those media was no longer can be used because the media is heavy – difficult to bring, or can be easily carried but easy to be broken. Something more efficient and effective is needed.

The picture beside is a Chinese bamboo book meets the modern definition of Codex. Have you ever imagine that you have to bring such thing to school? If you have three subjects in a day, you even have to bring three codexes – book made on trunks (codex) of trees or vines. How heavy it is! People need the simple one, can be carried easily. It is paper.

Tsai Lun is the first one who invented the paper in China. The use of paper spread all over China in the 2nd century, and in a few centuries the Chinese had been able to export paper to Asian countries and equaled the West. For a long time China’s secreted the way of fabrication of this paper. In 751 years, some experts restorer paper captive by Arabs so that in a short time the paper was being produced in Baghdad and Samarkand. Technique of paper-making gradually spread throughout the Arab world. In the early 12th century, the Europeans learned this technique. The use of paper began to spread, and after Gutenberg invented the modern printing press, paper replaced parchment as a writing material in the West.

The invention of Gutenberg in printing press brought a big gains for the development of Europe. At the time of Gutenberg was born, the two regions between West and East (by China) were almost as advanced. But after Gutenberg invented the printing press, Europe took off at full speed, while the Chinese, who are still using print block, is left behind. No matter, Gutenberg invention affected the history of the world.

Nowadays, everyone, either pupils, teachers, workers and we are sensing Tsai Lun and Gutenberg’s influences. We especially as academicians use book nearly everyday. We read and search for knowledge and sciences from book and write note on the note-book. We are even still using their invention even though the world has been changing to be post-post modernism. It is the time where high-technology is everywhere. One of the latest digital book is flipped book. It is not just an e-book as PDF form which only can show word and picture, but this new invention is integrated with video, picture, link, and much less typography.



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