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Week 4 What is Genre?



This week, Narrative Concept and Storytelling class’s topic is Genre. In the first session, we watched a movie about the first American moon-landing. The story is narrated so sophisticated by presenting famous people to comment how USA delivered its astronaut to the moon.  They show how it works, the evidences like photo of footstep in the moon and voice recorder when the astronaut in the space. At first, you will not questioned about the movie: was it true or not? You will belief that it is a real documentary about Neil Armstrong went to the moon. While, it was just a fake. Everything was manipulated. The director put the serious part of the script, play around with the actor, make it so real in the beginning of the movie. Then, the narrative is being inverse 180 degree at the end. Where the actors were laughing about the fake fact. One thing from this movie, it tells that there is no truth in this world at this time; the story made by the winner; and the story narrated based on individual and group’s interests. Stop talking about that. Now we move on to the topic that I interested in: fantasy and magical realism.


Fantasy and Magical Realism

Have you ever go to the movie? If not, at least you ever watch a movie, right? What is the genre? Why should a movie have genre? Well, genre is the way in expressing yourself on your works, including your writing and movie. It helps you to set the story, strengthen the narration and convey the message in proper interpretation. There are many types of genre, such as: action, adventure, comedy, crime, faction, fantasy, historical, horror, mystery, political, realistic, romance, thriller, and etc. Knowing the genre of movie that you watch assists you to know what the movie about. You will feel it, and be into the movie. When I was watching some fantasy movies, I could suddenly be a part of the movie. I felt amazed, miserable, and happy within a movie.

One of the movies I have watched is Beautiful Creatures. The story is about a man named Ethan who longs to escape his small Southern town. He meets a mysterious new girl, Lena. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective families, their history and their tow. They are in forbidden love because of of their both ancestors. Lena’s lineage is witch. This movie is involving magic, supernatural events, make-believe creatures and exotic fantasy world: the witch world. In conclusion, the genre of this movie is fantasy.










The other movie I have just watched is Synecdoche, New York. It is difficult enough to know what the writer and director of this drama film want to convey. I had to watched it twice and understand the meaning of this movie. Charlie Kaufman succeeded his directorial debut proved

What are the differences between Magical Realism and Fantasy?





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