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Week 5 Visual Narrative & Memento



In the 5th week of Narratives Concept and Storytelling, I learned about Visual Narrative. We introduced to the semiotic topics and know some signs which are interpreting certain message. What I know about visual narrative, it is stories or messages told in visual media. It has many forms, such photography, illustration, or video, and can be enhanced with graphics, music, voice and other audio. Distinguishing characteristics of the visual narrative include: a persuasive story with a point of view, high quality images – still or moving, subject matter with pressing social, environmental, or spiritual value, and an appeal (explicit or implicit) for transformation in attitudes and behaviors.

Narrative within Religion Symbol

christian-cross-logo-design red-cross-hi

Have you ever seen those picture before? What do you know about those two cross image? Are they having similar meaning?

Those symbols are looked similar, but they represent totally different messages. The first image is Crossing Christ and the second one is Red Cross.  According to Barthe’s theory, our interpretations of the world depend on different factors. There are two level of sign interpretation which cover denotation and connotation. On denotation levels of sign interpretation, a sign interpret in clear and simple way as how it is look like. We may say the pictures are similar, where the first image has longer cross, and the second is more balance. While on connotation levels of sign interpretation, a sign is interpret based on point of view. In connotation, those symbols are not the same. We need understanding on culture, ideology and background that people have which is different for everyone and code to help define the meaning of each symbol.

Reviewing Memento Movie

In the next session, we watched a movie, Memento. The story is about a man called Leonardo who has anterograde amnesia and is unable to store recent memories.



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