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Week 6 Narrative Spaces


This week, our topic in Narrative Concept and Storytelling class is Narrative Spaces. We were dealing with installation art, signage systems and narrative in space.We learned about signage: how important for metro to have signage systems; how a sign can convey message and be noticed by the people; and how designer think and act in creating narrative in space.

It is important for every country to apply signage system, especially in vital metro. Usually, signage system used in public facility, such as in street, airport, station, and hospital. Indonesia has not been familiar with signage system, while bother citizens and visitors from other country need it to show the right direction. In Jakarta, especially, we can easily get lost because there are only few signs. Some street are having written name in the board, some others are not.

Talking about signs, we have to recognise it as part of graphic design. Hence, to make product of it, principles of design must be included on it. One of the principles is typography. How can a designer make the sign can be seen by audience? Designer must make the typography fit with the space available. Make a sign in five lines is bed, right? Designers will not do that. They will make the design first: use simple word or symbol which is able to convey the message.

After talked about signage system, now we move to installation art. Installation art is an artistic genre of three-dimensional works that are often site-specific and designed to transform the perception of a space. There are many form of installation art, for instance: installation art light (Pict 1), installation art street (Pict 2), and installation art nature (pict. 3). Installation art light is 3-D manipulated by light. The light may come from projector or any light system. As you can see in second picture, it is a wall with box 3-D drawing. The person on the picture looks like carry the big box. The third picture is about a top part of a car installation formed by a grass.

The most interesting thing from narrative spaces that we may narrate stories or messages in any form within the space. The picture besides, is Gedung Ste located in Bandung. The picture was taken in the middle of video mapping show. The theme of this event is Membakar Gedung Sate. The theme chosen as representation of Bandung Lautan Api tragedy. Based on historical event, it conveys the message that both people and leader tried to maintain Bandung as a part of West Java. The combustion process occurs when the Gedung Sate into a giant screen that presents the story of Bandung Ocean of Fire. In addition, viewers will witness and taken on trips Sate still from the beginning, from still consists of bamboo and stones from the area Cikudapateh.


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