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Week 12 Independent Project under Instructor

Photoshot Baju Bodo






Week 11 Independent Project towards Major

3D Object


Gong & Kempul

Week 11 Programming for Creative

Fun Programming with Processing 61 – 70

61. Draw shaky points, append items to an array

62. A screen full of bouncing circles

63. Time for our first 3D animation

64. Animate objects that slow down and stop using lerp()

65. Are we getting close? Use dist() to find out the distance

66. How random is random? randomSeed() & noiseSeed()

67. Circular motion: sine and her cousin.

68. Circular motion reviewed

69. Combine circular and other motions

70. Slowly change the direction

Week 10 Independent Project under Instructor

Photoshot (Raw)

I took these photos in an event, Panrita, Pagelaran Seni & Budaya Ta’. Due to bad lighting,  because it was held in the night, I must use flash light. When I tried to not use flash, the ISO must be set above 3200.


Week 10 Graphic User Interface

Graphic User Interface

Widget Analysis

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Click here to download GUI Widget Analysis

Week 10 Independent Project towards Major

3D Object

Gong Enam


Week 10 Programming for Creative

Fun Programming with Processing 51 – 60

51. Convert float into int and animate a photo


52. The rose effect


53. Create a pattern by drawing 150000 pixels


54. Infinite Forest? Combine random words using an Array


55. How many items in an Array?


56. Silly poet writes absurd things


57. A random sentence generator writes nonsense


58. Travel through space, use an array to move stars


59. A space-triangle flying through the galaxy

60. Are two shapes touching or intersecting?
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