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Week 1 Visual Perception on Commercial Product and Advertisement


Visual Perception on Commercial Product and Advertisement 

“Don’t judge someone from the cover!”

This quote has known by people who live in the social circle. The meaning inside the words asks them to understand deep about the personality of the judgment’s subject before labeling. Meanwhile, at some point, the quote did not work. First impression still becomes parameter to giving meaning on object. As people perception, the good looking or visual performance is the good impression. In this article, there are four different images with different perceptions namely: Teh Gelas, music Jazz poster, Film Festival advertisement, and Mie Goreng Indomie.

Image 1 - Perception Analysis and Creation(1)The first image is Teh Gelas. Giving perception on the packaging, people will say that Teh Gelas is a fresh drink. It is made from original tea and with original sugar as they listed on the package. From the form, it packaged on bottle; make it look fit and easy to carry on hand. Seeing the contrasted color, it is eye-catching and able to strength the slogan of original tea, where green and yellow dominate the screen. The simple name ‘Teh Gelas’ is emphasized with larger font to easier the signifier identify the sign. Uniquely or in a mistake, Teh Gelas packaged not in form of cup, while in Bahasa Indonesia gelas means cup.

Image 2-Perception Analysis and CreationThe second one is music Jazz poster to attend a concert. The poster gives classic, jazzy, and playful meaning. People will easily to follow the narrative or the poster where a bald guy is playing the cello. This guy could be a jazz musician that represents how the concert of jazz will be. The color of the poster, black and white strengthens the classic atmosphere, with its grey-scale effect. It also uses playful typography symbol of music melody. At the end, people will go to this concert because it is good to be there with good musician and good atmosphere. Image 3-Perception Analysis and CreationAustin Film Festival advertisement, as the third image, tries to tell about its event. As the center of attraction, ‘17th Annual Austin Film Festival & Conference’ written on the paper as the main information. Seven tools used to form a film projector. Each of those gives different meaning, but one purpose: Creative Work. This shows that the film festival and conference is good to attend. Image 4-Perception Analysis and CreationThe last fourth image is Mie Goreng Indomie. The packaging is totally giving spicy and tasty food imagination. ‘I want to eat Indomie!’ People will say this. The using of excited color with domination of red can increase the sense of people who see it. Beside it, the picture of a cup of the noodle gives a good impression to the Mie Goreng Indomie. One thing every people should notice is Mie Goreng in the packaging always looks delicious with complete ingredients and toppings such as the vegetables, tomatoes,  and meats.


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