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Week 3 Perception & Sensation


Perception and Sensation

“If I make a fool of myself, who cares? I’m not frightened by anyone’s perception of me.”
(Angelina Jolie)

As Angelina Jolie says, who cares with people perception. We often hear the word of ‘perception’; ‘in your perception, my perception, and their perception‘. This word as famous as the sensation–a word that most of people use it to express feeling, like ‘can you feel the sensation?‘ As the first thought, I say perception is from brain (thinking) and sense is from heart (feeling). Then, a question raised up as the response of my curiosity, how are the differences between perception and sensation? There are two parameters can be use to compare the perception and sensation, these are the definition and the mechanism they work.

Perception is the process of interpreting the sensations people experience. The goal of perception is to take in information about the world and make sense of it. Perception as a mental process elaborates and accessing memory (sensory patterns) interpretation of sensation. Perception brings meaning to sensation, thus perception produces an interpretation of the world, not a perfect representation of it.

Sensation is an immediate response of body to stimulation of sensory organs. It represents the first series of steps in processing the incoming information. Sensation is coming from brain where the stimulus received by sensory receptor and resulting feeling by heart.

There is no boundary between perception and sensation. Perception occurs when people apply their experience to interpret sensations, while sensation occurs anytime stimulus activates one of the receptors. Stimulus can be identify as a countable and uncountable things such as sensitivity to the light, sound, solid, gas, liquid, body position and motion. Those thins are sensitive to the seven senses; vision, taste, kinesthetic, smell, hearing, skin senses (pressure, temperature, and pain).


Wahyuni, M. (2015). Lectures of perception analysis and creation. Creative Digital Design Program. Jakarta


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