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Week 5 Design Context


1. L’Oréal



The pictures above are L’Oréal products, Collection Privee by Color Riche. As you can see in the first picture, the advertisement successfully convey the message of the product. It is for woman usage. The consumer may interested to the product by seeing the advertisement because they want to be more beauty like the model. Move to the second picture, it is a lipstick. The product designed exclusively in black and gold style. The design is looked simple but elegant. The color chosen: black and gold may represent how exclusive the product is.


2.  BMW


The next product is coming from BMW. It is BMW i8. BMW i symbolizes visionary vehicle concepts, inspirational design and a new take on the meaning of “premium”, with sustainability as a key defining element. The color chosen for aesthetic value. The design looks minimalist and stylish.


3. Apple


The next product comes from Apple. It is iPhone 6. I like the design because it is simple, looks real, beyond technology. There is only an object: the phone, with many features or applications. The phone design looked wide and slim. I’ve think how comfort am I using that phone. Black background and bright light in the top and bottom of the phone add the high-tech atmosphere. The typography used is only ‘iPhone 6’ to tell the audience if it is iPhone 6 as it is. Simple and tell the reality.


4. McDonald


The next advertisement comes from McDonald, a world restaurant. They make the four burger as the object to try and absolutely to buy. The emphasize color also focus on the burger not to the grey background. But, one thing, there is smell/fumes-shape-like in the background. I think, this is to show how tasty the burger itself. They give four choices to the customer and the customer may choose based on their favorite. The written word “new” seems persuading the buyer to choose that burger because it is new.




The first picture is advertisement of NIKI product. From the picture we can know that the product related to the speed and fast acceleration. The icon of this picture is Leopard. Leopard is symbol of high speed. In Leopard’s body, there a sign of NIKE; indicates the product itself. The advertisement succeed in telling the audience ‘Hey, use NIKE then you will be the master in running!’

The next picture is the NIKI product itself. It is shoes with nine different colors. By producing shoes in many different colors, NIKI persuade audience to choose based on their taste. While the background is just like start line in running competition. This supports the superiority of the product.


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