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Week 1 The Prologue to Graphic Design


Design is Me and My Surroundings

On the first week, I learned about “The Origin of Design”, specifically about introduction of design. So, what design is? Why is it so important to our life? How can design is exist everywhere and anywhere? That’s what I have learned.

Well, design is an applied art as art’s root. In every single good of design, it has aesthetic value on it. It’s neither talking about a beauty or something that cute. But, it talks about harmonies. How every part of things is made fit and match by considering its principles, they are: unity, balance, rhythm, emphasize, and proportion.

Along the human being, since we were born, design has existed. Means, design is living around us. The best example of design product is man. Why are we? Man is a perfect creature made by God. Starting from the smallest or the deepest part of human’s body are created as more than simple, good, effective, harmony. For instance, fingers are made five separated. Why is it separated? Why is it five, neither less than five or more than it? Can you imagine if man has one finger only? How can we hold something? How about two fingers? We only can use our hands to pin as well as crab. How about having more than five fingers? It is so strange, not effective, isn’t it? The other example is shoe. Shoe is designed for having the base and layer to cover the foot. If shoe doesn’t have any base, the shoe is waste product. It doesn’t have any function, because it can’t protect our feet any longer.

I can say that design is nothing, but really something. Sometimes design is visible, we can see it, but we can’t touch it. Sometimes it is invisible, but we can hear it. Sometimes, yes, it is exist, but we can’t see it, touch it, or even heard it, but we can taste it. That’s why, design divided into some more specific way. Those are visual design, sound design, food design, etc. I will explain it in the next posting.

So, for me, the first impression met “The Origin of Design” class is very amazing, interesting, and I want learn it more and more.


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  1. nunotaferil says:

    Good job for the first posting in your blog!

    keywords: beauty, harmony, prefect, design

    The concept of beauty arose in ancient Greece era and was a particular philosophy of life. The philosophy was anthropomorphic and it was honour all human values and represented in the gods nothing but man writ large. In that era art as well a religion, an idealisation of nature and man in particular as the culminating point of the process of nature. The typical examples of classical art are Apollo or Aphrodite as ideal of perfect types of humanity, perfectly formed-proportion, serene and noble, we call it ‘beautiful’. This was inherited by Rome and revived at the Renaissance.

    There is no single way of looking and understanding about design. Design is about creation of solutions to problems-problem solving; design is an evolution; design is about mixture of creativity and analysis; design is a fundamental human activity thus involve human’s senses (touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, and hearing things around human’s environment). Sense means of understanding new concepts and gaining knowledge and for few cases, people might not be able to use one or more human sense, but in such a case, a different sense will be enhanced to make up for the lacking one.

    Please check this link, this is one out many example that we can discover in (daily) life:

    See you in your next posting!


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