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Week 4 Post Modernism in Architecture



This week’s topic is The connections between graphics in modern and historical era – Post Modernism. We are required to analyze work of design from a socio-cultural perspective. I found difficulties to differentiate world in modernism era and post-modernism era, at the first. I thought they are just the same. There are high-tech system within buildings, equipment, robotic, and exactly in design. Like my country, Indonesia, I see many buildings in the city which are great, big, and looked elegant. I only categorized them in one term high-tech architecture. After having The Origin of Design class, I got the answer. Each building comes from different period of time has its own style and characteristics. In this posting, I sum up the explanation and my point of view of post-modernism architecture style.

Post Modernism in Architecture Style

5845-004-E23302C9The restrictiveness of modernist architecture and the impersonality and sterility of many modernist structures eventually led a rejection of modernism’s authority in architecture. Along with the apparent lack of responsiveness to the unique character of the cities and neighborhoods in which modernist architects erected their buildings, these reactions unshared in postmodernism, one of the most dramatic developments in later-20th-century architecture as in contemporary painting and sculpture. Postmodernism in architecture is also not a unified style. It is widespread cultural phenomenon that is far more encompassing and accepting than the more rigid confines of modernist practice. In contrast to the simplicity of modernist architecture, the terms more often invoked to describe postmodern architecture are pluralism, complexity, and eclecticism. Whereas the modernist program was reductive, the postmodern vocabulary of the 1970s and 1980s was expansive and inclusive.

 A clear example of the postmodern architecture is Portland Building by American architect, Michael Graves.


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