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Week 6 Everyone is Designer


I never thought before that everyone is designer. I have no idea about designer is not a profession. Probably, design is something… Something that complicated which is not easy to understand; something that has aesthetic meaning; something that can produce money; or something else. These statements were coming out from The Origin of Design class this day. In the first session of the class, we were having a discussion about one word represents design. There are many words came up from class’ thinking, covering: system, creativity, convention, innovative, futuristic, problem solving, decision, and applied art. As I can say, design is everything around us.

In concept, design is to design a design to produce design. It is heard too complicated, but it is really the meaning of design. I will put that definition in a sample of  real life activity. One day, you were asked by your teacher to make an artwork from a soap. You have to make a statue from it. Then, how do you think? How do you act? You will think the concept first about what statue will you make. After find the idea, you will start to make it. Means you solve the problem, right? Actually, from the input itself – the soap is product of design from previous designer. Then, you designed it by reshaping it into form of statue. The last, your work: the statue from soap is your product of design. So, design is about design itself.

There are many people give their perspective and define the design. One of them said that design is profession. The next person said that designer is someone who are paid to do design.


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