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Week 11 Photography


Photography is many things covers news, evidence, identification, beauty, information, memory, art, etc. without one having to assume primacy over any other. The medium’s plurality has profoundly shifted the way in which photography can be taught. – Carla Williams

Theoretically, we ask “why” we make photographs as well as “how to” make them.”

Why photography didn’t appear during Renaissance while they knew already the chemicals, the lenses and the camera obscura concepts.

Mid XIX century Society was ready to embrace the medium. The readiness for it was twofold: social – portraits of bourgeoisie and economical – sell products, modern capitalism.

With modernism Photography grew out of the pictorial tradition. F64 group committed to sharp, straight, focused photographs. Many of them contact prints.

Photography is objective


Edward Steichen ‘The Pond—Moonrise’ 1904. Does this picture look like a photographic image? What is pictorialism? Why was it relevant for photography to become an art form? Research about the uses and conception of the photographic medium and its historical context.









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