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Week 15 Social Media Visual Cultures


Internet an Facebook

Imagining a day without internet surely will be trouble for some reason and some people. Living out of connection for the one who is dependent on internet may distract physically and psychologically. For some field of job, it always need internet as media to know the market, to run the business, or to connect with other people. From here, people introduce to the name of ‘Social Media’ such as Facebook, Twitter, Line, Path, Instagram, and etc.

Today every people around the world can easily communicate each other. No doubt, accessing social media becomes trend among the people. Social Media are new tool used in communication and interaction in virtual world. They are connecting people from different palace in one time. There are many types of social media that has been common used by children, most of teenager, and adult. In Indonesia the access in social media even became the highest in Asia. Based on Global Web Index Survey (GWIS), percentage of accessing social media is reaching 79, 72%, it is higher than Philippine (78%), Malaysia (72%), China (67%). Even, developed country from Asia like South Korea (49%) or japan (30%).

One of the popular social media in Indonesia is Facebook. The thing that make Indonesia becomes the fourth biggest user of Facebook is the loyal user in Indonesia. Facebook user achieved 69 billion number. They are getting in the chatting, making status, sharing photo, playing game, etc.

Facebook is useful to society. Connecting people is what Facebook is doing. The user in this virtual world may know each other or they might be found old friend. From business side, Facebook also gives benefit to the businessman. By Facebook, these businessman can do advertising and transaction in order to make their business running better. Not only the producer that get the benefits, but also the consumer. The consumer may choose the product that they want to buy without have to come to the shop. Of course, this situation give advantages from time aspects. From social side, people may know the issue happened now on. This expected to high their social awareness. There are a lot of volunteering group, learning group, and association group in Facebook. The user can choose which one they want to follow.


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