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Week 6 Rococo & Enlightenment


Elegan Furniture

In the early 18th century, Rococo become centers of a new and softer style in French. Rococo appeared in form of ornaments within salons featuring delicate colors, sinous lines, gilded mirrors, elegant furniture, and small paintings and scultures.

Picture besides is work from Rococo style. It is a chair with decorative art known. This shows antiquity, the beauty and perfection, and absolutely neoclassicism elements. Regarding to the cultural to that era, aristocrats who have lot of money – live in wealth, think about how to show up. They wanted to be honored, known, and glorified from what they have such as elegant homes, and artistic and full of ornaments on their furniture. They were become the main patrons for artists to fulfill their exaggeration earthly-desires.

Talked about the function of the chair, it is used for sit and show the prestige of aristocrats. To be more exclusive and ellegant, it made even from silk, copper, bronze, leather, velvet, and added with vine trimmings. It must be shown the technical and aesthetic innovation. The using of pastel color is also one of the hallmarks of Rococo style.


Rococo in The Swing


Jean-Honoré Fragonard ‘The swing’ 1767.

Themes of Rococo paintings often included images of wealth, luxury and pleasure—aspects of the lifestyle of the French aristocracy. And in paintings like The Swing, a rich natural environment compliments these themes. This painting reflects the indulgence that characterized the French aristocracy in the years before the Revolution.

In The Swing, a young gentleman has managed an arrangement whereby an unsuspecting old bishop swings the youngman’s pretty sweetheart higher and higher, while her loveeer (and the work’s patron), in the lower left corner, stretches out to admire her ardently from a strategic position on the ground. The young lady flirtatiously and boldly kicks off her finger to lips. The landscape setting is out of Watteau – a luxury-scene for comic opera. The glowing pastel colors and soft light convey, almost by themselves, the theme’s sensuality.




Kleiner, Fred. (2009). Gardner’s Art through the Ages: A Global History


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  1. damavara says:

    Nice mind map! You know what? I do love Rococo style. I love the Europe from its Rococo style.
    Furthermore, I was little bit shocked when I just realized the similarity between Rococo and Jepara style. I am still wondering about the relation between them. *..*

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